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(Original Air Date: 1/29/2)
By Rob Maury

Cast: Tom Welling Clark Kent Kristin Kruek Lana Lang Michael Rosenbaum Lex Luthor Eric Johnson Whitney Fordman Sam Jones III Pete Ross Allison Mack Chloe Sullivan Annette O?Toole Martha Kent John Schneider Jonathon Kent

Guest Stars: John Glover Lionel Luthor Kelly Brook Victoria Hardwick Jesse Hutch Troy (?) Kett Turton Jeff Palmer (?) Sarah-Jane Redmond Nell Potter Glynis Davies Mrs. Palmer Azura Skye Amy Palmer

Synopsis: Love triangles take center stage in this episode. A Lex obsessed teen, Amy, and her family lives and works at Lex's mansion. Lex's attention is given to Victoria, making Amy deathly jealous. Meanwhile, Clark decides to make his move with Lana since Whitney started giving her the cold shoulder. Chloe, who has Clark on the top of her speed dial list, tells him to be careful because once you step over that line there's no turning back. In a mesmerizing scene, Clark tells Lana to give Whitney another chance and takes himself out of the romantic equation after learning that Whitney's ailing father has been weighing heavy on his mind. Finally brotherly love steps in when Amy's sibling, Jeff, uses the meteor-rock-green roses' oils to become invisible and exact revenge on Lex as well as Victoria (earlier in the episode). Clark uses his powers both times to save the day. Two questions: does Lex have cameras throughout the mansion and therefore capturing Clark's superhuman feats on tape and was Lex really knocked out while Jeff revealed how he becomes invisible with the roses that grow at the mansion? Also the Superman jokes continue when Pete tells Clark 'you're not the flying type.'

Music: Original Music by Mark Snow 'Save Me' by Remy Zero 'S.O.S' by Vigilantes Of Love 'Galaxy' by Vigilantes Of Love 'When I'm With You' by Simple Plan 'Evolution Revolution Love' by Tricky 'If I Go' by Thrift Store Halo 'Blend' by Something Else 'Poor Misguided Fool' by Starsailor 'Caught In The Sun' by Course Of Nature 'Disasterpiece' by Sugar Ray

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