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The Invisible Man (III)

(01.01) The Pilot

By devilbird

Darien Fawkes, the new Invisible Man.
Small-time thief and cocky con man Darien Fawkes is facing life in prison without parole when his brother, Kevin, shows up and offers him an alternative—if Darien will volunteer to be the guinea pig for Kevin’s top secret government project, Kevin’s bosses will see that Darien receives a pardon for his three strikes conviction. Reluctantly, the thief agrees.

What Kevin neglects to do is tell Darien the exact nature of the experiment—Kevin has created a biosynthetic gland, which he and his team surgically graft to Darien’s brain. When stimulated by adrenaline (like Darien’s fear response when he’s suddenly surrounded by a bunch of large, energetic spiders), the gland produces a shiny silver substance called “quicksilver” which bends light around the object it covers and renders the object invisible to the naked eye.

Unknown to Kevin, however, his assistant Arnaud altered the makeup of the gland and introduced a flaw. Unless Darien receives regular shots of an anti-toxin, the quicksilver builds up in his system and acts as an inhibitor to his higher brain functions, effectively turning him into a maddened walking Id. Walking on the dark side has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning for Darien.

By the time Kevin finally realizes that Darien’s suspicions about Arnaud may be right, it’s too late. Arnaud calls in a team of terrorists and takes over the compound, stealing Kevin’s files on the QS-9300 project and killing everyone associated with the project in the process, including Kevin, who dies in his brother’s arms after pushing Darien out of the way of gunfire.

Darien, not knowing where to go and on the verge of madness, first tries a street doctor and then Casey, his ex-girlfriend, who abandoned him after finding out in the courtroom that he had lied to her about his profession and his past. While he’s trying to prove to her that his story is true, the quicksilver madness kicks in and he attacks her, then runs. Outside, government agents are waiting for him.

The invisible man finds himself making a new deal with the sponsors of Kevin’s project, who only refer to themselves as The Agency, and their leader, known only as The Official. If Fawkes will help them track down Arnaud, they will help him get justice for Kevin’s murder. He agrees and finds himself traveling to Mexico, to meet up with his new partner, Bobby Hobbes (played to paranoid perfection by Paul Ben-Victor).

As Fawkes and Hobbes try to find Arnaud and stop him from selling the secrets of the quicksilver gland to the highest bidder, a run-in with a pair of French-Canadian terrorists ends with our agents escaping but leaving behind Darien’s wallet. The terrorists take the wallet to Arnaud, who then devises a trap to lure Fawkes to him—and Casey’s the bait.

Darien goes invisible and ditches his new partner once he finds out where Arnaud’s hacienda is. Once he’s inside, Arnaud confronts him and offers him an exchange: if Darien will agree to work with him, Arnaud will give him the counteragent shots needed to keep him sane. Darien refuses, and manages to trick the terrorist and get away. He rigs Arnaud’s lab with grenades and destroys it, along with the remnants of Kevin’s notes and files—and Darien’s hope of having the gland removed.

Once Darien and Casey escape the hacienda and make it back to the states, The Official approaches Darien at Kevin’s gravesite and offers him a job working for The Agency. In a now-familiar offering, The Official and Darien strike an uneasy truce: The Agency will see that Fawkes gets the counteragent shots to keep him from going mad, and in return, the ex-thief will work for them as their new secret weapon. Knowing he’ll die if he refuses, Darien has no choice but to accept.

[Special thanks to Kitkat for her research assistance!]

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