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Airdate - 1/15/02
By Rob Maury


Tom Welling..........Clark Kent Kristin Kruek..........Lana Lang Sam Jones III..........Pete Ross Michael Rosenbaum..........Lex Luthor Allison Mack..........Chloe Sullivan Annette O’Toole..........Martha Kent John Schneider..........Jonathon Kent Eric Johnson..........Whitney Fordman

Guest Stars/Character Names:

Kelly Brock..........Victoria Hardwick Cameron Dye..........Det. Sam Phelan Hiro Kanagawa..........Principal Kwan Synopsis: Lex, Lana and Clark attend a Metropolis Museum gala featuring a breastplate of Alexander the Great’s that resembles a certain superhero symbol. Clark goes out for some air and as luck (good? bad?) would have it stops an out of control bus. Before anyone starts to ask questions Clark makes his exit. His good deed doesn’t go unnoticed though; a Metropolis Detective (whose badge also resembles a certain superhero symbol) happens to witness the scene from across the street. The Detective hatches an evil plan to use Clark’s powers to further his private plans. Thanks to the Detective Clark gets his first taste of how evil people can be and possibly prepares him for his future with Lex. Speaking of Lex, to complete this triangle of personal secrets, Lex plays detective hiding behind his concern for Clark to find out his secret. Another triangle deepens when Chloe accuses Lana of cutting into her Clark time. We get a different glimpse into Lex’s mind when an old girlfriend shows up. It seems even though Lex is now a likeable character he still views things like his father - enemies and allies. Clark finally thinks he has gotten through this episode with his secrets intact but we get a glimpse of Lex with some obviously secret videotape of Clark speeding around the Museum. We also see our first glimpse of The Daily Planet (actually its website).


Original Music by Mark Snow “Save Me” by Remy Zero “Song Yet To Be Sung” by Perry Farrell “Breathing” by Lifehouse “Step It Up” by Stereo MC’s “I Have Seen” by Zero 7 “Angel” by Massive Attack “She Lives By The Water” by Club 8 “Not Looking Back” by Driver “Numb” by Grant Park “Take Your Time” by Radford

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