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The Tick


By Your Leader

Original Air Date - December 5, 2001

Guest stars - Ron Perlman - Fiery Blaze, Patrick Breen - Friendly Fire

Our story begins with the Tick stopping a fleeing criminal while Arthur crashes into a wall. As the Tick leaps to Arthur's aid, the criminal tries to flee but is stopped by The Fiery Blaze and his sidekick, Friendly Fire. The Tick is mightily impressed by the camraderie of the duo, and that they have business cards. The four make plans to meet the next evening to trade war stroies.

At the diner, the Tick, Arthur, Batmanuel and Capt. Liberty talk about being a duo instead of working alone. Capt. Liberty laments that she is alone but Batmanuel points out he is lone (as in lone wolf), not alone. She takes a stroll and passes by a pet shop and looks at the doggies in the window.

In Arthur's apartment, Arthur and the Tick argue about meeting Blaze and Fire and putting the cap back on the toothpaste.

Capt. Liberty returns to the pet shop the next day to buy a puppy and decides on a chow. The pet shop owner interviews her and decides not to sell her a dog because she is pathetic and lonely.

At the diner, the Tick and Arthur meet Blaze and Fire. Blaze takes every opportunity to belittle Fire. When Arthur gets up to go to the bathroom, Fire tags along. In the bathroom, Fire confides in Arthur that Blaze is always like that. Back at the table, Blaze convinces the Tick that Heroes should keep their heads clear for their constant war on crime. Sidekicks, in Blaze's opinion, are supposed to handle the small stuff, like putting the cap on the toothpaste, laundry, and paying the bills.

Capt. Liberty calls Batmanuel. She tells him she is 29 and alone on a Friday night. She wants to talk. Batmanuel wants to talk about sex.

Back at Arthur's apartment, the Tick remains impressed by the Blaze while Arthur tries to point out that he is abusive to Fire. Just then, Fire arrives after having left Blaze. The Tick immediatley offers Fire a place to stay, over Arthur's objections.

Capt. Liberty gets Batmanuel to go to the pet shop and buy the chow for her. He gets her a bulldog from Hell instead.

After three days, Fire is wearing out his welcome. The Tick and Arthur argue over who is responsible for getting rid of him. The Tick goes out to patrol. Fire tells Arthur the Tick sounds just like the Fiery Blaze. He takes Arthur to a diner where sidekicks hang out. There he introduces Arthur to Johhny Republic (sidekick for Uncle Samson), Fishboy, Lost Prince of Atlantis (sidekick to the Angler) and Kid Caboose (sidekick for Runaway Train.) They all tell tales of nasty things their Heroes do to them. Arthur realizes the Tick isn't so bad after all.

Batmanuel visits Capt. Liberty and finds her new dog has demolished her apartment. The bulldog knocks over a crate of grenades. As Capt. Liberty picks them up, she finds a pin. The bulldog holds the grenade in its mouth. After unsucessfuly trying to get the grenade away, the bulldog barks and blows up the apartment when it drops the grenade.

The Tick and Arthur meet on a rooftop and resolve their differences. Arthur points out they cover each other's weaknesses. The Tick is bulletproof and Arthur is not. The Tick points out that Arthur has an excellent grasp of reality. Fire arrives to keep Arthur from 'making a mistake' and returning to the Tick. Fire wants to partner with Arthur. Fiery Blaze appears and in a drunken stupor begs Friendly Fire to return. The two get back together. Our heroes go to eat at the diner.

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