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The Tick

The Funeral

By Your Leader

Original Air Date - November 15, 2001

Guest stars - Sam McMurray - The Immortal, Meadow Sisto - Clarissa

Our story begins with our Hero expounding on the nature of Death at a funeral. He reveals that Death comes to all things - even potatos. The audience is less than enthralled by this revelation. The Tick admits he himself wouldn't have believed it a week earlier.

Shift to one week earlier. The Tick, Arthur, Capt. Liberty and Batmanuel sit in the diner discussing The Immortal, a superheroe's superhero. Capt. Liberty will be The Immortal's liason for a booksigning in The City. Arthur is eager to attend so he can meet his idol, The Immortal (who was also the inspiration for Arthur to get into the superhero biz.) A lady sitting in the next booth exchanges glances with Arthur. Batmanuel encourages Arthur to go ask her out. She gets up and walks to their booth. She asks the time and Arthur freezes.

Meanwhile, Capt. Liberty is riding in a limo with The Immortal as he talks on the phone with the Pope. The Immortal invites Capt. Liberty to join his international team of superheroes. He also says she has the best set of legs in the Universe. She tells him she lives only two blocks away.

Elsewhere, The Tick, Arthur and Batmanuel walk down the street. Batmanuel continues to give Arthur dating advice. They are interrupted by a call from Capt. Liberty. She has killed The Immortal. They rush to her apartment to find a dead Immortal in her bed and she reveals he died after they had sex. Batmanuel comes up with a plan to deposit the body back at the Immortal's hotel. Capt. Liberty wants Batmanuel to take The Immortal's place at the book signing.

The Tick and Arthur take the body back to the hotel, while Capt. Liberty and Batmanuel go to the book signing. Arthur explains to the Tick that everyone dies. The Tick tries to throw the body back into its room. This tactic doesn't work well.

At the book signing, Batmanuel must deal with obnoxious customers, overeager fans, and a man who serves him papaers for a paternity suit. The Tick and Arthur arrive to say they left the body at the downtown Wooster Hotel. Capt. Liberty tells them the Immortal was staying at the uptown Wooster Hotel.

Our heroes return to get the body, which has gotten stiff from rigor mortis. The Tick destroys the room trying to get the body out. A maid comes in to clean the room and terrifies the Tick by screaming. He throws the body over the balcony and leaps after it.

We then go back to the funeral, where the Tick is trying to cheer up the crowd. He tells them that Mr. Mope is a greater challenge than Death.

Back to one week earlier, our four heroes gather and take the body back to the right hotel. Arthur is left in the car with the Immortal's body while the others go in to check things out. The Immortal's cadaver talks to Arthur and tells him to seize the day. The other three return and take the body to its hotel room. Arthur sees the woman from the diner exiting the hotel and leaps from the car to talk to her. After finally getting out a 'Hi!' he gets her phone number (on the back of a piece of paper with a drawing of him on it.)

Finally, we return to the funeral where the Tick gives a rousing closing speech which gets him a standing ovation.

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