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Lose The Fat, All Of It.

Fat. It's What's For Dinner.
By Rob Maury

Show: Smallville

Episode Title: Craving

Original Air Date: 11/27/01

Guest Stars/Character Names: Amy Adams … Jody Sarah-Jane Redmond … Aunt Nell Joe Morton … Dr. Steve Hamilton Malcolm Stewart … Dr. Vargas

Synopsis: Jody, a Smallville High School girl, creates the ultimate diet drink from vegetables in her Kryptonite laden greenhouse. How does it work? It eats all the fat in your body. All the fat. And then craves more. Meanwhile, Aunt Nell prepares a birthday celebration for Lana (Kristin Kreuk). Chloe (Allison Mack) investigates the mysterious death of a deer. Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) becomes very interested in the connection between the meteorites and the “health” of Smallville’s residents.

Synopsis Note: I’m starting to like the little comments that hint to Clark’s future. For example in this episode Clark says “I got to fly” and “it’s not like I pulled you out of a burning building” as well as in “Cool” Chloe says to Clark “you look good in blue.” Strange how the less we see of Whitney the more human he gets. Smallville police really should do something about that one curve in the road. It seems to be getting pretty dangerous. Lex tells Chloe that he could set her up at the newspaper the Inquisitor not the Daily Planet. Series Note: The Dec 8-14, 2001 issue of TV Guide is a four-cover spread of Clark, Lana, Lex and a classic Superman painted by Alex Ross (painter featured in Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman graphic novels). In that same TV Guide issue, the article “S Files” revealed a few hints of what to expect in upcoming episodes. For example a former girlfriend will nourish Lex’s dark side, one of Chloe’s relatives comes to visit - Lois Lane and hopefully Lex will have a rich, dark friend in Gotham - Bruce Wayne. Also in TV Guide is an article by Kevin Smith (screenwriter/director and champion of comic books) explaining why America loves Superman. A collector’s set of the Smallville covers is available at Music: Original Music by Mark Snow “Save Me” (theme)by Perry Farrell “Slide” by Dido “Innocent” by Fuel “Invisible” by Third Eye Blind “The Call” by Call and Response “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias

Music Note “Song Yet To Be Sung” by Remy Zero (Song is used in promos for show)

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