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The Tick


By Your Leader

Original Air Date - November 8, 2001

Guest stars - Christopher Lloyd - Arthur's boss

Our story opens with our Hero standng vigil on top of a bus station. He is immediately called to action to get a citizen a cup of coffee from a fiendish vending machine. He emerges victorious. A bus station employee drops a ticket on the ground, then points it out to our Hero. The ticket is a one way trip to The City. As our Hero leaves, the citizens ask "Who was that blue stranger?" It was...The Tick.

Arthur, an accountant, who is said to be very good at math by all his friends and family, tells his boss that he wants more from life. Arthur's boss determines that Arthur wishes to be a superhero, probably from the moth suit Arthur wears. The boss helps Arthur choose between occupations by firing him. Meanwhile, the Tick leaps from rooftop to rooftop looking for evil-doers.

Arthur seeks company of other superheroes in a bar. Upon leaving the bar, he comes across agents of the Russian Coalition for the Annihilation of the US Postal System. They are preparing to unleash the Red Scare, the finest weapon of death and mass destruction the Soviet Union could produce in 1979. Arthur, being outnumbered, bravely screams for help. The Tick, finally having found a purpose, comes to Arthur's aid and wipes the walls with the bad guys. As the Tick is leaving he inadvertently steps on an activation switch and turns on the Red Scare.

The Tick and Arthur convene on a nearby rooftop. They are soon joined by Batmanuel and Capt. Liberty. Arthur spots the Red scare in the street below and wishes to leap into action. The Tick has stepped in gum and is distraught, while Batmanuel and Capt. Liberty pursue an obvious hate/love relationship. Discouraged, Arthur leaves.

Arthur returns to his apartment, and the Tick follows. Tick nearly destroys the apartment looking for Arthurs non-existent super-secret crime fighting gadgets. The Tick gives Arthur a rousing speech to convince him to pursue his dream of being a superhero. The Tick has brought along one of the Soviet ne'er-do-wells, tied to a loading dolly. The troublemaker eplains the robot was originally designed to assassinate Jimmy Carter. By an incredible stroke of co-incidence, ex-President Carter is in The City for a visit.

The Tick and Arthur catch up to the ex-President in the elevator of a hotel. But so does the Red Scare. The elevator plummets as the Tick and the Red Scare have a head butting contest. Finally, the Tick uses his head (literally) to slow the elevator down while Arthur gathers up ex-President Carter and flies him to safety.

Later, as the Tick and arthur relate the tale to Batmanuel and Capt. liberty the Apocalypse Cow attacks the City. Our Heores go to meet their destiny.

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