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Special Unit 2

The Eve

By Your Leader

Original airdate - Oct. 31, 2001

Guest Stars - John DeLancie - The Nameless Link

The show opens on a graveyard, 12:00 AM, Oct. 31. Four college students are in the graveyard, one guy and three girls. The guy has been telling scary stories and the girls request one more. He tells them that they are in the most notorious graveyard in Chicago. All the worst of the worst are buried there. He continues and tells the girls that the graveyard is never locked because people are too scared to go there. One of the girls tells the guy that he can stop playing with her toes. Of course, he isn't playing with her toes. On cue, a corpse rises from the grave, along with three others.

Nick, Kate and Carl are in a van on stakeout, looking for a link among the many children trick or treating in the neighborhood. Carl starts harrassing Nick about going to a strip joint the night before. Things escalate into a fist fight between the two. The link appears then, dresssed as a lady bug, and Nick and Kate arrest it.

Back at headquarters, Capt. Page is lamenting that they are always over worked on Halloween. It is the one night when links can walk around freely and get away with lots of things. Carl requests the night off and the Captain tells him that everyone is working the graveyard shift that night. A report comes in that seveal dead bodies were removed from the cemetary. The college student witnesses claim that the bodies removed themselves.

In an old church, the four risen dead men - Tilden, Stank, Al Capone, and Jesse James are trying to figure out if they are in Heaven or Hell. A figure approaches them and tells them he is very old. He points out the many atrocities theat he has seen over the millenia and tells the killers they are rank amateurs. If they will agree to follow his directions without question, he will continue to grant them life. Jesse James says he wants no part of it and is promptly dispatched.

Meanwhile, Johnathan is filling in Nick and Kate about a possible link that might be able to raise the dead, if he isn't a legend himself. There is almost no record of the link and no name is associated with him.

The three remaining murderers crash a Halloween party at a museum. The guard lets them in because they 'went to a lot of trouble' to look like famous killers. (The guard, of course, studies serial killers as a hobby.) The guard tells Al Capone to put away his replica tommy gun, and Capone proceeds to prove it isn't a replica. The nameless link enters and says to take everyone hostage then sets off the alarm. When the police call to see what is going on, the nameless link tells them he has thirty hostages and that he will only give his demands to Nick O'Malley.

Nick and Kate arrive on the scene, where they are apprised of the hostage situation. They use a map of the building and surrounding area to figure out a way in. There are tunnels under the building and one wall connects to the museum. They plan to send in a squad and blow the wall, then get the hostages out.

Nick negotiates with the nameless link, who says he wants a black orb attached to a stem. The item is in the Department's possesion. He will kill a hostage every thirty minutes until it is delivered. Johnathan retrieves the item, but doesn't know much about it other than it has grooves, an inscription and might be a key.

Carl is sent into the museum with the key. The nameless entity takes it from Carl, then kills a hostage. He throws the key back at Carl and demands that they send in the real key. He will kill a hostage every 15 minutes until he gets it.

It is revealed that the key was in the possesion of Nick's old partner, Julie, when she died. Nick wants to find out what the connection is.

The assault team argues with Johnathan as to what type of ammo to use, and he tells them green because it will blow up the bad guys. The assault team blows the wall and destroys Stank. Officer Conley is shot and downed in the assault. Kate calls for a medical unit. While trying to get the hostages out, Kate is surrounded. They are all re-animated corpses and she is taken hostage. The nameless link negotiates with Nick to get the real key.

Johnathan talks to one of his contacts in India, San Deep, who tells him about the key. It empowers a statue of Osiris (which is at the museum where Kate is being held.) The staue will release a ring that has the name of the nameless link inscribed on it. The ring will grant the nameless link power over all the links.

Meanwhile Johnathan is delivering the key to the nameless link in an attempt to get Kate back. The Captain calls him just after the key has been turned over and warns Nick not to do it. The nameless link uses the key to get his ring. A fight ensues and the nameless link esapes in the confusion, taken outside beside the reanimated Officer Conley.

Johnathan gets more information from his contact in India, who says that a translation of an ancient passage says the ring must used at the point between the moon and the sea. The Donenger Building is the tallest building next to the lake. Nick and Kate find the nameless link on top of the bulding about to perform a ritual. Their guns are taken telekinetically by the nameless link. Nick wants to know what Julie had to do with the link. The link sneered and said she had learned too much and captured his attention. With that Nick and Kate remotely detonated thier guns, presumably killing the nameless link.

Later, Carl tries to get hazard pay, since he was sent to deliver the fake key to the nameless entity. Capt. Page tells Carl that he doesn't work for the unit and isn't entitiled to hazard pay. In addition Carl had 24 hours to return the missing jewelry and artifacts to the museum that disappeared during or around the time of the hostage situation.

Nick and Kate are informed by the Captain that pieces of the ring were found, but not enough to read the inscription. The pieces were being destoryed and the ashes scattered across America. They presume that the link is destroyed but could find no evidence.

Next week - Medusas

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