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Babylon 5


By Number Two

Episode No. 9
2258 Signs and Portents
Written by Lawrence G. Ditillio
Directed by Bruce Seth Green
Guest Starring
  • Sarah Douglas as Jha'Dur
  • Robin Curtis as Ambassador Kalika

Episode Synopsis
Jha'Dur, the last of the Dilgar and a war criminal from the Dilgar War, arrives on Babylon 5 on her way to Earth. She has developed an immortality serum which EarthGov (and other governments as well) wants. Sinclair is ordered to send her to Earth ASAP, but the League Ambassadors, incensed at her presence, demand that she be tried for her war crimes on B5. The Narns, the Centauri, and the Minbari all vote against trying her, so Sinclair reluctantly sends her to Earth. As her ship leaves B5, a Vorlon warship appears and destroys it. Kosh simply says, "you are not ready for immortality."

Talia Winters is hired by Kosh to oversee some "negotiations" between him and a strange man called Abbut. The exchange between the two seems meaningless to Talia, but produces intense emotional reactions from her. It turns out that Abbut is a human VCR, or "viccar", who has the ability to record sensory and environmental information for later playback through a device directly implanted in his brain. He gives Kosh a data crystal with Talia's reactions on it.

Story Arc
When Talia asks Kosh what is on the data crystal, he replies, "Reflection. Surprise. Terror. For the future."

Background Information

  • The Dilgar War took place some 30 years earlier, in 2230.
  • The Dilgar were an aggresive race who attacked the League of Non-Alligned Worlds. Earth Alliance intervened on the side of the League, apparently turning the tide. This established Earth Alliance as one of the "major players" of the galaxy.
  • The Dilgar were almost completely wiped out; the few survivors died when the Dilgar sun went supernova.
  • Jha'Dur was a biochemists and biogeneticist who conducted experiments on whole populations of people, earning her the epithet "Deathwalker".
  • Na'Toth's grandfather was tortured and crippled by Jha'Dur; Na'Toth's family has declared a bloodfeud against her.
  • After the Dilgar War, Jha'Dur was sheltered by the Minbari "Windswords", the most militant clan of the Minbari Warrior Caste.
  • The Narns and the Centauri vote against trying Jha'Dur because both worlds covertly helped the Dilgar during the war; they don't want this to come out. The Minbari vote against it because they don't want knowledge of the Windswords' sheltering of Jha'Dur to come out.
  • Before she leaves B5, Jha'Dur reveals to Sinclair her motives for giving the serum to Earth: production of the serum requires organic material from the species the serum is being used for; in effect, to extend one life, another life has to be taken. Jha'Dur hopes to get her revenge by making the people of Earth into the same immoral "monsters" that they accused the Dilgar of being.

Kosh: "Ah, you seek meaning."
Talia Winters: "Yes."
Kosh: "Then listen to the music, not the song."

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