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Babylon 5

The War Prayer

By Number Two

Episode No. 7
2258 Signs and Portents
Written by D.C. Fontana
Directed by Richard Compton
Guest Starring
  • Nancy Lee Grahn as Shaal Mayan
  • Tristan Rogers as Malcolm Biggs
  • Danica McKellar as Aria Tensus
  • Rodney Eastman as Kiron Maray

Episode Synopsis
A hate-based, anti-alien movement that calls itself the Homeguard is gaining strength on Earth, Mars, and Babylon 5. They are responsible for a series of attacks on aliens on Babylon 5, including Shaal Mayan, a Minbari poet and close friend of Delenn's, and Kiron Maray, Vir's cousin. (Both survive the attacks.) When the investigation shows that Malcolm Biggs, an old flame of Ivanova's, is one of the ringleaders of the group, she and Sinclair feign sympathy for its aims in order to penetrate and arrest the leaders, thus averting a major assasination attempt on both B5 and Earth.

Kiron Maray, Vir's cousin, and his lover Aria Tensus arrive on B5, both running from arranged marriages made by their parents. Londo at first insists they go back to Centauri Prime and fulfill their obligations, but later arranges for them to be fostered together, a solution that allows them to be together without violating traditions.

Background Information

  • Ivanova is growing coffee illegally in the hydroponics bay; Garibaldi looks the other way.

Londo: "My shoes are too tight, but it does not matter because I have forgotten how to dance."

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