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Babylon 5

Mind War

By Number Two

Episode No. 6
2258 Dreams and Portents
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Bruce Seth Green
Guest Starring
  • Walter Koenig as Bester
  • William Allen Young as Jason Ironheart
  • Julia Nickson as Catherine Sakai

Episode Synopsis
Telepath Jason Ironheart has been the subject of Psi Corps experiments to create a stable telekinetic. When the experiment works, Ironheart realizes he cannot allow Psi Corps to have the ability to manufacture telekinetics; it would make them much too powerful. He flees, going to Babylon 5 to say goodbye to former pupil and lover Talia Winters. Psi Cops, lead by Bester, come to apprehend Ironheart. With some help from Talia and Sinclair, Ironheart is able to get off the station. He transforms into a being of incredible power and goes on his way.

Cahterine Sakai is given a commission to survey a planet at Sigma 957. G'Kar warns her the area is dangerous, but she scoffs at that. Upon arrival, her ship is made powerless and left in a decaying orbit by an unknown alien of immense power, but she is rescued by Narn ships that G'Kar has dispatched, fearing for her safety.

Story Arc
Before going, Jason gives Talia a gift: she now has telekinetic abilities.

Background Information

  • Only one in 1,000 humans have telepathic abilities. Of those, only one in 10,000 have telekinetic ability; of those, half are insane.
  • Bester gives a funny salute and says, "be seeing you," when he leaves.
  • G'Kar has no idea who the aliens at Sigma 957 are; he compares trying to know or communicate with them to ants trying to know or communicate with humans.

G'Kar: "No one here is exactly as he seems."

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