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Babylon 5

The Parliament of Dreams

By Number Two

Episode No. 5
2258 Signs and Portents
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Jim Johnston
Guest Starring
  • Julia Nickson as Catherine Sakai

Episode Synopsis
A bitter and dying rival of Ambassador G'Kar buys a contract on G'Kar's life from the Narn Assasins' Guild. The assasin's instructions are that G'Kar should know pain, know fear, and die at the appointed time. With the help of his new aide, N'toth (Caitlin Brown), G'Kar is able to foil the attempt; the assasin must flee to escape the consequences of his failure.

To foster better understanding, a weeklong festival is celebrated; each race is to demonstrate its dominant belief system.

Story Arc
In addition to G'Kar's new aide Na'Toth, Delenn's aide, Lennier, also arrives. Lennier addresses Delenn as a member of the Gray Council, but Delenn admonishes Lennier for this, saying that no one on B5 is to know.

Catherine Sakai arrives on the station. She is a planetary surveyor and an old flame of Sinclair's. Romance is rekindled, despite both of them insisting it to be unwise.

Background Information

  • Sinclair and Sakai run into each other every three years or so; they once lived together for a year.
  • Sinclair likes the poetry of Tennyson.
  • The Minbari Rebirth Ceremony is also used for weddings; Sakai surmises that someone was married at the ceremony without realizing it.

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