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Babylon 5

Midnight on the Firing Line

By Number Two

Episode No. 1
2258 - Signs and Portents
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Richard Compton

Episode Synopsis
Ragesh 3, a Centauri agricultural colony, is attacked and occupied by Narn forces. Londo Mollari insists that sanctions be imposed on the Narns; G'Kar claims that the Narns were invited in by disaffected colonists. The Centauri government declines to take any action, feeling that Ragesh 3 is too far away and too obscure a target to risk an incident over. Despondent, Londo resolves to kill G'Kar, but Garibaldi persuades him to back down. Sinclair uncovers proof that the Narn attack was univited and unprovoked; he offers G'Kar a choice: the Narns can withdraw, or the proof will be made public.

Story Arc
Luis Santiago is re-elected president of Earth over his opponent Marie Crane.

Background Information

  • Executive Officer Laurel Takashima, Medlab Chief Benjamin Kyle, and Commercial Telepath Lyta Alexander have all left the station. Susan Ivanova is now XO, and Talia Winters is now the resident P5 telepath.
  • Londo's nephew is on Ragesh 3. Londo personally arranged the post of senior researcher for his nephew, thinking it would be safer than the military.
  • Commander Sinclair says the men in his family have been fighter pilots dating back to the Battle of Britain.
  • Ivanova does not like telepaths or the PsiCorps. Ivanova's mother was a latent telepath. Given the choice between joining PsiCorps, being inprisoned or taking drugs to suppress the Psi ability, she chose the latter. After taking the drugs for 10 years, she committed suicide.
  • Garibaldi's second favorite thing in the universe is Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons.
  • At some point in the past, San Diego was destroyed by terrorists using a nuclear device.

Londo claims to have seen his death in a dream. In 20 years time, he and G'Kar will strangle each other to death, or so his dream says.

Kosh: "They are alone. They are a dying people. We should let them pass."
Sinclair: "Who? The Narns or the Centauri?"
Kosh: "Yes."

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