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Babylon 5

The Gathering

By Number Two

Series Pilot
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Richard Compton

Episode Synopsis
There is an asassination attempt on the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh, and Commander Sinclair is implicated. The investigation reveals that a Minbari with a Changling Cloak is responsible, with apparent (but unprovable) help from the Narns. Sinclair warns Narn Ambassador G'Kar that there will be personal consequences for endangering the welfare or safety of B5 in the future.

Story Arc
Sinclair asks the Minbari asassin why Kosh is being attacked and why Sinclair is being framed. The Minbar replies, "There is a hole in your mind." Delenn later assures Sinclair that this is simply a Minbari curse.

Sinclair took part in the Battle of the Line at the end of the Earth-Minbari War. He blacked out immediately prior to an almost certain death in battle; he awoke 24 hours later to find out that the Minbari surrendered unconditionally- despite being on the verge of complete victory over Earth. Sinclair has no memory of that 24 hour period.

Background Information

  • Babylon 5 is the fifth station to be built after the Earth-Minbari War. The first three were destroyed by sabotage while under construction; the fourth disappeared without a trace a day after going operational.
  • Minbari Ambassador Delenn gives Sheridan copies of her government's classified files on the Vorlons prior to Kosh's arrival.
  • The Narn race has no telepaths.
  • Narn Ambassador G'Kar has surgically implanted gills that allow him to breathe in toxic atmospheres.
  • There is an Earth legend that anyone who looks on the face of a Vorlon will turn to stone.
  • Security Chief Michael Garibaldi does not trust telepaths.
  • Commercial telepath Lyta Alexander has a Psi Corps rating of P5.

Delenn- "On the matter of Commander Sinclair, I'm here strictly to observe."

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