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Airdate 2/12/02
By Rob Maury

Cast: Tom Welling...Clark Kent Kristin Kruek...Lana Lang Sam Jones III...Pete Ross Michael Rosenbaum...Lex Luthor Allison Mack...Chloe Sullivan Annette O'Toole...Martha Kent John Schneider...Jonathon Kent Eric Johnson...Whitney Fordman

Guest Stars/Character Names: Shawn Ashmore...Eric Summers Kelly Brock...Victoria Hardwick Sarah-Jane Redmond...Nell Potter Kevin McNulty P. Lynn Johnson William Samples Tom O'Brien

Synopsis: Clark's high school class is on a rock collecting field trip when Eric Summers runs off after an embarrassing altercation with the teacher, his abusive father. Before leaving Mr. Summers takes roll and realizes that Eric is missing. Clark takes care of it and goes looking for Eric. (Why didn't the teacher do this? How responsible can a teacher be to let a student go off by himself to look for another missing student?) Clark finds Eric on the railing of a bridge (uh-oh another bridge) soaking in the music from his headphones and the raging storm (don't forget about the meteor rock in his hand.) Eric falls, Clark catches him, lightning strikes, Clark becomes mortal and Eric becomes 'Superboy' (name comes from Chloe's headline in the Ledger). Clark fears his mortality but learns to enjoy having the 'weight of the world off his shoulders.' Eric revels in his newfound powers but learns that it takes a special person to keep them in check. Seeing Eric spinning out of control forces Clark to devise a plan to get his powers back.

Music: Original Music by Mark Snow 'Save Me' by Remy Zero 'Fat Lip' by Sum 41 'Elevation' by U2 'Fade' by Staind 'Inflatable' by Bush 'Bonecracker' by Shocore

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